OPTIMIZE your WordPress website!

Identify and optimize the most important metrics of your website quickly and easily.

WordPress Optimization pays for itself!


How It Works

Optimize and test your website continuously to discover the best performing

versions for increasing your online sales and conversions.


Increase Your:

dollar1Advertising revenue – Maximize your site’s online advertising revenue by optimizing the placement and variations of your ads and by utilizing every available type of advertising that works with your site.


shopcartSales revenue – Convert your visitors into customers by analyzing all elements of your shopping experience.


message-already-readEmail/Newsletter sign-up conversion rate – A newsletter is usually a website’s most profitable asset.  Make sure your newsletter is growing as rapidly as possible and with the highest quality leads.

SEO_PerformanceWebsite traffic – Increase targeted traffic to your website via search, social share and more.

globeSearch engine traffic – Be found in the search engines for the most profitable keywords.  Focus on quality content over quantity.  Be valuable!


website-speedWebsite speed – Your website’s speed not only affects your search rankings, it also affects your visitor experience.  Maximize your website’s speed and reap the rewards!


Thumbs_UpFacebook, Twitter and social media “like” and “follow” rate – Social media is constantly changing and constantly becoming more important.  Make sure you have the right social strategy so that your content is shared organically across the web.


engagementEngagement factors (new vs.returning visitors, average time on a page, and more…) – Focus on engagement factors that reveal the successes and shortcomings of your website and its content. Tweak your settings until you find your optimum layout.

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